Our coalition wants to bring attention to the harm that psychiatry has caused many people in the mental health system, psychiatric survivors, and people with psychiatric histories. Chemical restraints, forced drugging, and forced shock treatment have caused irreversible damage to the mind and lives of people.

People's mental and physical integrity have been compromised in the name of psychiatric treatment and, as result, people have been harmed and lives have been lost. We will mourn the deaths and the ongoing forced treatment of our brothers and sisters.


May 6 Live protest of the American Psychiatric Association Annual Meeting in New York City WATCH
May 7-9 Virtual Counter-Conference featuring interviews with psychiatric survivors and healthcare professionals. WATCH


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LIVESTREAM Protest from New York City
May 6, 2018 @1pm

Starting at 1pm outside of the Javitz Center on 11th Ave between W 36th and W 37th St. (MAP)

Dorothy Dundas

Jim Flannery

Naasiha Siddiqui

Frank Blankenship

Wilda White

Angela Cerio

A Poem by Rae Unzicker read by Icarus Project NY

Daniel Fisher

Nikomeh Anderson

Emily Cutler's Speech as read by Kevix Mark

Marty Felker

Harry Lichtenstein


Wayne Ramsay



Daily Interviews With Professionals and Psychiatric Survivors

May 7-9, 2018